Go Slow (Fears)

I think if you have kept up with my blog you know what I am gonna say what my fear is here

If you haven’t kept up with it, then let me fill you in, I make music! Yep instead of writing words I write music, but today I am writing words, thats right I decided to do a rap, and I hate it, but I am gonna post it, why? Because of Wayne thats why (This will make 0 sense to 99% of people) Im not pulling a Nelson and showing the dry vocals cause screw that, but without further ado, here’s Go Slow 馃檪

Charyeok (God Of Highschool)

I did a thing, I really enjoy the anime The God Of Highschool, and in it is a song that happens and its really cool, so I wanted to make a remix of it and so I did just that, I am super happy with the results so let me know what you think!

So here is the original song, it’s super garbage quality because it the OST (Original Soundtrack) isn’t out yet, so I will post the song with the music trying to edit out the fighting sounds and stuff, and the song with the actual fight.

There is that one, and here is the actual scene (SPOILERS, the show is only like 13 episodes so just go watch it first its amazing) ok here it is. (First video at bottom, wordpress sucks and youtube videos block out text)

If you haven’t seen the show and watched the clip, hopefully it doesn’t weird you out, and instead make you want to try it out, I know I can be kind of a weeb sometimes but its fine dont worry about it, that was mostly for the song right there, anywho here is my take on it! Tell me what you think. (Second clip is at the bottom of the page)

That’s it did you love it did you hate it, let me know your thoughts they’re greatly appreciated!


Heya, sorry this is late. But Its fine don’t worry, this prompt is bricks, and that is sick, because we’re supposed to write about something being concrete, but I’m a weirdo and am just gonna make a song using a brick. Like I have a brick in my hand, and I’m gonna record it hitting stuff and make a beat. No joke that’s the plan for today.

Here are the brick sounds we are working with, I can see some serious potential in them as drums, and who knows maybe a one shot One shots are tones that can be manipulated to make an almost instrument

So I made the drums! Got a kick, hihat and snare, they arent great sound design wise but I tried my best, here’s the beat I got so far, its set in 120bpm. Lets see where I get next with the melody

Ok it’s done, I work a midnight shift in 30 minutes so I can’t make album artwork for this just yet, I may come back and do it but we will see, anyways I redid my drums around a melody provided by cymatics, shout out them they the homies, anyways here is Brick hope you enjoy the song, and the minor voice reveal for the brick noises. Btw the song and all the other sounds are downloadable so if you want to show the class feel free.


Ok this blog was a great idea but now its super rushed Im so sorry

Crayons yay, in this one its about creativity, and I wanted to make my old creativity that sucked and make it good, ok cool yeah, I took my old song that I never finished and made a better song out of it, except I rushed it so now its arguable if It’s better or not, and my body is running off pure stress because I never made myself aware of these deadlines I didn’t even know fall break existed until 3 hours ago, so yes, I am chaotic energy.

Ok this is the original, I really like it and am mad I didn’t get the original into the new song, so I am totally gonna revisit this song

Ok I dont have time heres the actual song.

The song is called WIP17 because thats the original name and I thought it was cool to keep, I tried to give a hard trap vibe but it is SUPER rushed